Insight | Being a Deadliner: Good or Bad?

Who has not heard the term “deadliner”? Or…. maybe you are the deadliner? Great! Because here I am going to talk about you, dear deadliners! Well, for you who has no any clue about it, let me explain a little bit about deadliners. It becomes familiar once you enter college life because you will find lots of it. Deadliner is a term used for those people who love to do their work in a most-people-said-panicky time. They usually start working few hours before the deadline. Even some of them (the experts) crazy enough to start minutes before! Isn’t that amazing? To be honest, yes. A deadliner has that super power from God to finish the work in a rush with ON TIME submission. What do you think about the deadliners? Is being a deadliner good or bad?

To decide whether it is good or not, we need to think the background of being a deadliner first. Some of deadliners said that actually they never plan to be what they are now. It just comes naturally once they get task, do it in last minute, and boom! The task is finished. Some of them also said that it is their choice to be so. They know they are able to do it fast but just don’t want to do it early. While some others said they don’t have any idea to finish their work while those brilliant ideas always come in last minute. This last background is the most used motive by the deadliners.

On the other side, we need to realize the impact caused by being a deadliner. The most important thing is about health. Almost all deadliners finish their work all night long with limited sleep hours. We all know that having a few sleep hours is dangerous to our body. It will surely affect our performance on the next day, including our brain performance. Not only that, the crucial thing is, the result of the task. Many of deadliners admit that they deadliner-work result is not their maximum performance. So, the score itself is not really satisfying. Then, why do they keep being like this?

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In order to know about the deadliners’ opinion of being a deadliner, I posted a question on my Line account like: “Being a deadliner? Good or bad?”. A student from International Relations, Gadjah Mada University said, “Bad but feels so good”. While the other response from Communication Major, Gadjah Mada University said, “Actually it is bad, but…. L”. From these two response example, I could say that actually deadliners know it is not good for being a deadliner. Yet, they have their own reason to still being like that, for instance, they have that self-satisfied feeling or those brilliant ideas that come up in last minute.

Dear friends and lovely deadliners, whether being a deadliner good or bad is not really important. The thing is, you as intelligent people know your own ability, competence, and also the consequences of choosing any choices. You are big enough to be wise! Don’t judge the deadliners bad as they have super power of working fast while some people don’t have. Yet, don’t mock those diligent people as they have those amazing will to finish those task we (deadliners) don’t hesitate to!

Choose your own path!

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