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Learning process can happen in everytime and everywhere. But, it mostly happen on a class during the lesson. Maybe, sometimes we’ve found that our learning process in class couldn’t be so condusive. It makes the learning process’s participant can’t catch the lesson effectively.

Before talking about how to make the class more condusive, we have to identify what are the problems? What makes our class being not so condusive? Because, when we know what’s the reason and problem, we can make the solving. Here’re several problem that maybe those are the reasons why the class can’t be condussive.

Some of the participants having less concentration. It can happened when people have some private problems. It also can happened when someone doesn’t have enough energy to study. Some of participants have their own egoism. For example, they talk too much during the lesson. When someone talk too much during the lesson and disturb the other participants, it means he/she has much egoism. Why? Because, it means that he/she doesn’t appreciate the others who want to focus and serious on the lesson. The lecturer/teacher role and the facility in the class also can make the class not so condussive. So, what’s the solution?

First, try to get more concentration. Solve your private problems with your own way, or ask for help from your close friends. Don’t forget to have a breakfast before the morning class, or lunch before the afternoon class. But, get your meal properly, not too much but not too less.

Second, try to control your egoism. Remember that you’re life with the others. Remember that every little movement you make, it can affect the others. So, don’t selfish and control your emotion too.

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Third, try to like your teacher/lecturer. It will help you understand the lesson given by your teacher/lecturer. Believe me, when you respect and like your teacher/lecturer, you’ll catch the lesson better.

Fourth, report about the condition of the class to your school/college. If you have so much inconvenient chair or table, or maybe the LCD and projector are broken, or maybe your fan / air conditioner don’t work well, never hasitate to report them.

If all of the problems can be solved, we can enjoy our lesson in the class. And that’ll give us the better learning process to our better future.

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